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Awaken the Spirit of Oratory in Nigeria

Posted by Jonas Ezeanya [BG] on June 6, 2011 at 11:43 AM
speaking to entertain These are referred to as the Four [4] Types of Public Speaking. Every speech, regardless of the audience size, falls into at least one of these categories. Any opportunity you get to speak is a chance for you to audition for leadership because the first tool every leader has is the spoken word. History is full of great men and women who made lofty achievements through the power of the spoken words. The likes of Sir Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy, Napoleon Bonaparte, the immediate past President of Brazil Luiz Inacio "Lula" da-Sylva; all attribute a good part of their successes to this skill of oratory. Even the infamous Adolf Hitler was also renowned as a powerful inspirational speaker. President Barack Obama literally won the 2008 US Presidential elections for his sensational, crowd-pulling speeches. I even hear that President Hu Jintao of China possesses a "gift" of oratory. Looking back home in Nigeria, this phenomenon doesn't seem to be accorded its due place. The last elections in April exposed beyond doubt the level of laxity in our polity toward public speaking and debating. Politicians failed to take seriously the various debates organised by some forward-thinking Nigerians. Even among my fellow Nigerians, how many took it upon themselves to make the effort to watch the debates? The response level was shockingly low! This is a national problem that has registered itself in our psyché. It was in recognition of this lacuna in the mechanics of our national socio-cultural society that LiveSpeech was founded with the aim of creating this awareness and raising participation through results-oriented training. It is a nationwide campaign for oratory which will usher in a new dawn in popular thinking changing the way we conduct ourselves in all public discourse. It is my hope that LiveSpeech will catch on in this country and help our on-going efforts of transforming Nigeria into a truly modern society.

Categories: Public Speaking, Debating, PowerPoint/Media Presentation

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